Factories - Vivascale

Kolodischi, Puteyskaya street, 56

objects The Novopolotsk oil refinery Naftan objects Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after V.I. Kozlov objects The Republican Data Center (the RDC) objects National airport «Minsk» objects Building in a cut with a display of the cage lifting machines objects Enterprise for the production of mineral water and drinks «Darida» objects Model of Minsk Tractor Works objects Peat briquette plant «Sergeevichskoye» objects Factory for the recycling of old car tires objects 4th mining department of the JSC Belaruskali objects «ANKAR-IMEK» office and warehouse complex objects Adjustable vacuum-crystallization unit objects Plant for the production of potassium nitrate (with internal space view) objects Educational centre of the UE «Mingaz» objects JSC «Rogachevsky MKK» with branches objects Gas control point, mobile gas tanker objects AGREGATAS Fuel Pellet Plant (with a display of the interior) objects Drilling rig «URALMASH 3D-76» objects «Tsvetlit» valve plant objects Nezhinsky mining and beneficiation plant objects Service centre for weapons and military equipment maintenance of air defence objects Grain cleaning and drying complex objects Belvneshrybtorg LLC objects Byelorussian Steel Works objects Foreign Unitary Enterprise «Veza-G» objects «Krichevcement» cement plant objects CJSC «BELGEE» objects Rolling shop №2 of the «BSW» company