History - Vivascale

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The history of the company “Viva Scale Models” begins in 2008. A group of professional modelists joined forces and began to fulfill commercial orders for the production of scale models. Nobody did high-quality models in the Republic of Belarus, so it allowed us to find a lot of customers quickly and to reach large orders.


In November 2010, a legal entity was registered - Viva Scale Models Limited Liability Company.

The uniqueness of the company lies in the fact that we perform modeling work on any things that have been reduced in scale. It can be as architectural objects, industrial buildings, factories, and cars, models of public transport, military equipment or souvenirs.

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In the process of work, the experience of project implementation increased rapidly. The company developed dynamically and acquired its own equipment for the production of large-scale models and models of the highest quality.

2012 has brought the use of 3D printing in the production of models to the workshop, which made it possible to raise the bar in terms of quality and implementation time.

During the first 5 years of work, many modern model-making technologies were developed and introduced into production. The necessary materials for production are selected carefully. We abandoned paper and cardboard in the production of architectural models, which made it possible to achieve durability and higher realism of the models.

The company performs about 50 projects of various size and complexity per year. The geography of our customers extends to the whole world.

In 2017, we completed the project of 3 models for display at the International Specialized Exhibition "Expo-2017" (Astana, Kazakhstan) in the pavilion of the Republic of Belarus in the shortest possible time.

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After the exhibition, representatives of the Museum of the Expo (Shanghai World Expo Museum) from China took one of our models to a permanent exhibition.

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Our workshop portfolio includes projects and souvenirs presented to heads of different states, enterprises and institutions.

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Models made by our specialists are shown at exhibitions all over the world. Models for educational purposes can be found in various educational institutions.

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Now we have a full range of equipment for the production of models and turn-key models, which allows us not to use services of third-party organizations and to give customers strict confidentiality of the order.

The largest enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, Russia and the countries of Western Europe have already become our customers.