Military equipment - Vivascale

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objects Souvenir radio station P-181-TP objects RPG-7A souvenir objects MZKT-600203 tactical vehicle objects Command vehicle on the MT-LB base (in a cut) objects Command vehicle «Zastava-D» (in a cut) objects Radar-150 objects Souvenir radio station R-181-50TU objects Modules for the universal combat platform (with internal space view) objects Mobile coastal defence missile system «Bastion-P» objects RT-2PM2 «Topol-M» objects Mobile field infectious diseases hospital objects SAM 9М318 objects IFV-2 objects MAZ-535A tractor unit with cargo platform objects MZKT-790860 vehicle-conveyor objects MZKT-790918 special chassis objects Armored steam locomotive of the OV series objects Command post of the anti-aircraft missile system «Pechora-2M» objects Antenna post UNV-2M surface-to-air missile system «Pechora-2M» objects Anti-aircraft missile system «Pechora-2M» MZKT-8021 objects RSD-10 Pioneer objects Mobile automated command post of radio-technical battalion “Rif” objects 122 mm howitzer D-30 objects Four-wheel drive tractor MZKT-741351 objects «Cayman» armored vehicle objects Personnel carrier «Dozor» objects «BUK-MB» air defense missile system (with a sectional drawing) objects Mobile automated command post of radio-technical battalion “Rif” objects Chemical reconnaissance vehicle (NBC) «Khimera» objects Self-propelled coastal artillery gun A-222 Bereg objects Monolit-B coastal system for surface and air reconnaissance objects Volat V1 MZKT-490100-17 armored car objects Polonez Multiple Launch Rocket System objects Tactical vehicle MZKT 600103-203 objects «Iskander-M» transporter-erector-launcher objects The «Buk» missile system MZKT-69225 objects Universal combat platform «Sekach» objects Command vehicle with a container-type body of variable capacity «Machaon» objects Mobile information center IC-2006/1 objects R-185 command and staff vehicle objects «Cayman» armored vehicle objects Tank T-72AM objects «Vostok» radar