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Types of scale models

What should you know when ordering a model on a scale, we’ve described in detail in this small article.

If you want to make an order of an exclusive model for an exhibition, or any other model, it would be better for you to understand what exactly you need and how you will use the future model. What overall dimensions, and therefore the scale of the layout you need.

It’s important to understand the “Tasks” set for the model. Scale models can be divided into 6 large groups (expositional, presentation models, souvenir models, educational, museum and design).

We will discuss each kind of model in detail below.


Expositional models.


Expositional models are the most common use case for our work. Hundreds of exhibitions are constantly held around the world, where companies present their products and enter into many contracts. Not always the company’s advertising budget allows to bring original samples of its products to the exhibition, and in the case of, for example, heavy engineering, this is not possible for reasons of large product dimensions. That’s why the scale models come to the aid. They can be brought anywhere in the world and demonstrate the benefits of your products.


Presentation models.


The task of presentation models is to visually demonstrate all the advantages of your project. Such models are perfect for attracting investment or coordinating a project in various organizations. Bright architectural models will be an excellent sales tool in the offices of real estate developers.


Souvenir models.


Souvenir models (or gifts) are great tools, which can surprise your customers and partners in a non-standard way. When you present a souvenir in the form of a small copy of your product, you not only leave a memory of the event but also get visual advertising of your company. Logos and emblems of the customer can be applied to the souvenir model, as well as pack them in branded packaging.


Educational models.


Educational models are used for the learning process as a training tool and visual material. Such models can be performed on a large scale with sections and cuts, showing the interior space and equipment products. Multimedia systems allow you to interactively make such layouts and raise the learning process to a modern level.


Museum models.



Scale models for museums are an integral part of our work. The renewal of museums with modern exhibits with multimedia systems revitalizes the expositions of museums. Using modern materials and technologies, it is possible to create both historical reconstructions in the form of dioramas and interactive exhibits with the possibility of interaction.


Design models.


Before manufacturing a lot of products, it is necessary to make a “pilot” product sample. Often, such models are produced as a single copy for an exclusive project.


For preparing the Technical Task for the manufacturing a scale model, it is better to base on the tasks related to the future model.

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