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What is the price of the model?

The main factors affecting the cost of making models.

The cost of the model is not a constant thing and it is always calculated individually for each project. Due to the exclusivity of each project, implementation time and the price of similar models can vary significantly.

When calculating the cost of architectural projects, the size of the future model is primarily taken into account. The size of the future model influences the level of detailing.

The size of the future model is related to the size of the building area and the chosen scale of the model. Usually they try to choose the scale of the model as large as possible (it makes the model more informative and presentable), however, when the construction area is too large in most cases, you have to be guided by the availability of free space for exhibiting or the convenience of transporting the layout.

For example, we have an industrial area with a size of 3,000 x 2,000 meters, so, the scale is 1/500 ( the most commonly used scale for architectural models), the model size will be 6 x 4 meters. Not every customer has free space for installing a model of this size. Also it’s not easy to transport such a large model. In this case, you can make a model on a scale of 1/2000, with dimensions of 1.5 x 1 meter. Such a model can be installed in an office of any size and it’s not difficult to transport to the place of exposure, but the level of detailing will be not so high.

The model of the CJSC «BELGEE» plant on a scale of 1/1000


As for the scale models of transport and different equipment, the size also matters, but the price depends on the scale and the complexity of the prototype.

«Bal-E» coastal missile complex on the MZKT-7930 chassis on a scale of 1/43


Detailing of a model is the second major factor affecting the price. As a rule, the larger a scale, the higher a level of detailing, except when customers sacrifice a level of detailing to lower the project budget. Medium detail is the most commonly used option when all details are designed in accordance with the scale. Highly detailed models are manufactured with the highest budget and level of customer request.

The model with the display internal space


A long time-frame for making a model saves the budget, you should always remember this. Quite often, our customers recall that the company needs a model for an exhibition in a few weeks and sometimes days — this significantly increases the final cost of making a model. The normal production period including approvals is from 1 to 3 months depending on the size and circulation of the models.

The cost of the model is also affected by related options. These include the electrification of models (illumination of buildings or lights on equipment), a pedestal for display, anti-dust covers, shipping cases and delivery of a model to the customer.

The architectural model of the residential complex D3 on a scale of 1/200


Discounts for ordering layouts also exist. They can be obtained with a large order volume or when ordering a circulation of models (this applies to various souvenir models), and of course discounts for our regular customers.

A series of fire-fighting vehicles models on a scale of 1/43


To calculate the cost of making a model is possible for customers who are ready to provide the necessary documentation (blueprints, 3D, photos and diagrams). If the customer does not have the necessary information on the future project, the manufacturing is possible by our own efforts, but the cost of preparing the documentation will be included in the total price of the project.

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