VIP - Vivascale

Kolodischi, Puteyskaya street, 56

objects Souvenir radio station P-181-TP objects RPG-7A souvenir objects Souvenir radio station R-181-50TU objects Motorbike BMW R nineT objects Stadler M110/M111 subway train objects Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza objects Anniversary souvenir Alevkurp objects Souvenir for the National competition «Entrepreneur of the Year» 2019 objects Souvenir train STADLER FLIRT objects Powered support objects The «Buk» missile system MZKT-69225 objects MAZ souvenir brand objects STADLER 85600M tram objects MAZ 203 bus objects Dinamo Minsk Football Club bus objects The model of MAZ-231 bus