Expositional and educational stands - Vivascale

Kolodischi, Puteyskaya street, 56

objects Energy container 1SS-EGK-2×80 objects Belt vacuum filter objects STADLER FLIRT electric train simulator objects Arched metal detectors objects Salt sludge thickener (in a cut) objects Ejector Flotation Machine (in a cut) objects Building in a cut with a display of the cage lifting machines objects SU-RV TP explosion-proof mine control station objects Modules for the universal combat platform (with internal space view) objects Flat wagon 13-9840 objects Tank car 15-9887 objects Adjustable vacuum-crystallization unit objects Plant for the production of potassium nitrate (with internal space view) objects Pipe processing machine CM2484F3 objects SAM 9М318 objects Shipping lock objects Personnel carrier «Dozor» objects Stadler M110/M111 subway train objects Vacuum unit Aspira-200 objects Models showing the operation of lightning protection objects Trolley of the freight wagons 18-100 TSNII-HZ objects Models of the educational equipment objects PALESSE GS 4118К Harvester objects Expositional model