Exhibition and educational models - Vivascale

Kolodischi, Puteyskaya street, 56

objects Energy container 1SS-EGK-2×80 objects Belt vacuum filter objects STADLER FLIRT electric train simulator objects Arched metal detectors objects Salt sludge thickener (in a cut) objects Ejector Flotation Machine (in a cut) objects Building in a cut with a display of the cage lifting machines objects SU-RV TP explosion-proof mine control station objects Modules for the universal combat platform (with internal space view) objects Adjustable vacuum-crystallization unit objects Plant for the production of potassium nitrate (with internal space view) objects Pipe processing machine CM2484F3 objects SAM 9М318 objects Shipping lock objects Flat wagon 13-9840 objects Tank car 15-9887 objects Personnel carrier «Dozor» objects Stadler M110/M111 subway train objects Vacuum unit Aspira-200 objects Models showing the operation of lightning protection objects Trolley of the freight wagons 18-100 TSNII-HZ objects Models of the educational equipment objects PALESSE GS 4118К Harvester objects Expositional model